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Thread: Pull the plug on maast?

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    Default Pull the plug on maast?

    Iíve been on Maast for about 18 years and have had a great time and met many friends. Iím not on Facebook although it seems that most of the activity happens their as opposed to this forum. What Iíd like to know is when does someone actually pull the plug on this site. Iíll be sad to see it happen but their is very little traffic here anymore and eventually you have to ask yourself whatís the point of having a site that sees very minimal traffic.

    The ARC forum seems to be far more active which is odd considering their demographic.

    Just trying to get some actual discussion on here to see what others think. Speak up old timers!

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    Hopefully MAAST coming back some what like before. FB is nothing,but a market place.
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    I was wondering the same thing. I would like it to come back but there's no action.
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    I hope that doesn't happen. I just joined recently!

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    I feel everyone's pain and with Covid our number one fund raiser has taken a hit for two years running. For me personally my tanks along with posting on here and two other sites have taken a back seat in my life. I miss the meetings at Chesters the most

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    I agree with you Alton, all the family friendly club meetings, back yard bbq's, diy classes etc etc.

    Sadly if the BOD does not adapt to the fast changing social network platform i do see this site shutting down, i have a huge following on fb along with a few groups i help Admin.

    I have noticed a few bod members on fb helping to plug maast but if ppl are having to switch to the site to use it, i just dont see it working out long term.

    Sorry for the long rant, just giving my opinion.
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    I don't think we'll ever see the site pick up to where it was before - b/c FB and other social platforms are too accessible to people. Plus kids these days don't even know what forums are.

    As far as the site, I am hosting it on one of my servers so there is no cost associated with it running. My cost is very minimal and I don't mind hosting it to preserve the past content and keep it around for memberships, etc.
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