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Thread: I think I'm making a big mistake..

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    Default I think I'm making a big mistake..

    Im sitting on a 75g with a sump, skimmer, return pumps, and a few other miscellaneous stuffs I picked up from my bro in law. He had seen what I did with a tank before and thought I could do something with it all. This was last year...

    It sat in my garage collecting dust for the longest time..

    My wife started... Complaining... So I decided to clean it all up and sell it..

    Well... While cleaning it I slowly began to get an itch.. a nasty itch. An itch I can't seem to scratch.. this itch got so bad I foresaw a future for this tank and myself.. I have a spot picked out and everything..

    I'm not looking forward to this but I'm SO EXCITED!
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    No mistake! Sometimes the itch has to be scratched...

    Are you planning to setup the 75g? What are your plans for it?
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