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Thread: Fish Equipment free and tanks for sale

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    Default Fish Equipment free and tanks for sale

    Good Day,

    All free:
    I have about 6 power compacts 36" and a lot of VHO lights to give away; to include wiring items.
    I also have a CO2 take with gauge. The tank does have CO2 in it, not sure how much. The gauge does have rust on it, but believe it works.
    Also, have some cal reactors as well.
    I have a ton of misc items as well to donate to the cause for the hobby.

    For sale:

    1) 700 gallon tank, 10 feet long 3 feet wide, 3 feet high, one inch acrylic drilled on the ends with overflows. Extra high powder coated stand 36" with custom made wooden skirt with doors. Same with the canopy. filtration is a huge bio ball system that is 5 feet along with refugium. The return goes through a acrylic box with 4 big filter socks, which I have a ton; asking $5000.00. Spent close to $15k on the sit-up at first.

    2) 325 gallon tank, 8 feet long about 3 feet wide and about the same in height. its is acrylic as well, drilled on the side with overflows. The stand is wooden with a custom skirt and top. The sump is acrylic as well. Asking $1200.00

    3) 150 gallon tank, 150 gallon glass tank drilled with corner overflows. The sump is a glass tank. It has a wooden stand with custom top. $600.00.

    I have a ton of plumbing parts and PVC pipes for sale. Too much to list.

    All of the wood work was done by a gentlemen here in Corpus Christi.

    The good and the bad, I moved prior to being here in Corpus Christi, so the 700 and 325 are created up still wrapped. The glass tank as a package is not. I can send previous pictures of the tanks but don't have any recent ones.

    If you have questions or want to see what I have, please text me or email me at sneas@earthlink.net, please put TANK SALE OR FREE in the subject line. Cell is 813-368-4199.

    Thank you,


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    Text sent.
    LOLCoral!!! Lmk if you ever need help ;)

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    What all do you have left?

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