I am not getting out of the hobby but I'm short on time so I'm planning to switch to a freshwater tank for a while. I will part out but I have to sell the livestock first unless someone wants the entire setup for 1500. I really don't know what it is all worth but I'd like to make a deal with a long time Maast member if possible.


- blue staghorn
- tri-color ?
- light purple w/green polyps
- milleapora pink, yellow/greenish tips
- acropora unknown

- Monti Stellata purple/green polyups
- Monti Digitata Purple,
- Monti Digitata orange w/ green tips,
- Monti Digitata Green
- Monti encrusting - orange, bright green
- Monti encrusting - undata
- Monti encrusting - superman ?
- Monti encrusting - not sure
-Monti cap/plating - green/purple rim
-Monti cap/plating - green w/ pink polyps
-Monti cap/plating - green w/ white polyps

Acans - green orange - small
Turquoise - meduim

Melanarus Wrasse, female, 3.5"
1x Purple firefish
Starry algae blenny
2x peppermint shrimp
Some snails, halloween hermits, random hermits and miscellaneous cleanup creatures

Equipment in case anyone is interested
All equipment below has original box, accessories and paperwork

ATI T5 36" Dimmable Sunpower 4 x 39w, fresh lamps in May

Tunze 9004 AC Skimmer
Tunze 9012 DC Skimmer - 1 month old
2 x Tunze Turbelle 6095 Nanostream wide flow
2 x Tunze Turbelle 6040 Nanostream narrow flow
Tunze Osmolater ATO
Tunze 7097 Multicontroller USB pump and lighting controller
Tunze 8831 LED eco chic refugium grow lamp
Tunze 8821 LED white eco chic
Eshopps 2 channel dosing system
Sicce Syncra 2.0 pump
Sicce 1.5 pump

Tank, Sump, Overflow
Blue Planet Aquarium - This setup is 2.5 years old.
44" x 18" x 16" - this was a custom size for my kitchen installation.
1/2" rimless low iron, clear silicone black tint on back and 1 side.
Overflow - Eshopps Eclipse Medium
Custom 20 gallon sump 20"x16"x16" (Similar to a Trigger 20 or 26)
w/ 4" sock, skimmer chamber and refugium and pump chamber

email me at adam1980@pobox.com and I can send photos.