MAAST Emergency BOD Meeting Ė Finances
September 24, 2020Virtual Meeting Through Streamyard.comDue To Corvid-19
Attendance:Present:Cheryl, Sherri, Lani, Michael, Zack, Mark, BrandonAbsent: Jonathan, RJ

Meeting Called To Order 6:06PM Cheryl
Finances as of 09/21/2020Checking: $537.56Savings: $103.64Paypal: $49.44CD: $8012.66

Old Business:I. Reallocation of FundsA proposal has been made to cash in the CD and move it into Savings. This wouldenable us to keep MAAST solvent.-we have held for a while, rates crazy low- She
-we need to pay our debts- Zack

II. Zack back to BODAll agreeCheryl Taylor motion to voteSherri secondMark may be willing to assist in future tax preparations.VOTING:● Yes Reallocate the Funds● No Leave Funds where they are, Mike, Lani● Abstain Sherri, Mark, Zack, Chery

Expenses Pending
$300.00 LMAR Table Fee Refunds Pending
$450.00 MAAST Website (paid)
$200.00 CPA Fee for Taxes (pending)
$200.00 PO Box Rental (paid)
Security Service FCU Fees
The bank has been charging us $20/month on all accounts due to the corona virus. We are
working to get those refunded since we are a non-profit. They want a copy of our bylaws to
prove our non-profit status. We will change banks if they donít agree to refund the fees.
May look into zero cost checking fees- Mark
III. Removal of John Perry from the bank accounts and adding another co-signer.
They want a copy of the meeting minutes showing that BOD voted to remove him from the
Remove John Perry:
New Business:
IV. Open a MAAST Streamyard Account
A. Discussion
B. Vote
1. Motioned by Zack Seconded by Sherri
a) Yes All
b) No
c) Abstain
V. MAAST Virtual Meetings scheduled for October, November and December
VI. MAAST BOD Minutes for Q1 Q2, Q3 2020 need to be posted retroactivelyVII. MAAST Charter member towel giveaway. Open a post on as well as maastfacebook for one month. Any Charter member who requests a towel will be given anoption to pick one up. After one month the remainder will be held for 2021.Meeting Adjourned: 7:30PMZack MotionedCheryl Seconded