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Thread: 240 gallon setup and livestock for sale in Austin

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    Default 240 gallon setup and livestock for sale in Austin

    Meg and I have decided to exit the hobby and will be selling our entire system and livestock. Obviously if someone wants to buy the whole setup we would love that but it's far more likely we will part it out. The tank has been running for over 5 years and has some very large colonies. All the fish were quarantined prior to putting them in so it's all very healthy.

    You can see the list here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...t?usp=drivesdk

    Please note there are 3 tabs at the bottom - coral, fish / inverts, and hardware.

    The tank is a 240 8'x2'x2' custom made 1" acrylic euro style with built in overflow. The sump is a custom 75 gallon 1/2" acrylic setup designed to fit perfectly in the stand. The stand and hood are custom designed and hand made of real walnut, no particle board.

    If you see something you want I can put your name on the list and we can figure out a price if it's not already there.

    Many of the large colonies will need to be sold attached to the live rock as they are simply too big to break off. No we will NOT frag up the colonies, I don't want to have to try and sell 40 pieces of the same coral.

    I will not sell the fish until the live rock is gone. It's simply impossible to catch the fish.

    I will not sell the hardware until all the livestock is sold and were taking down the tank.

    You will be responsible for bringing buckets or containers to transport the livestock. I simply don't have enough to go around.

    Because I want to minimize face to face time and covid exposure risks, you WILL be required to wear a mask if you pick up anything. We can set up a time for your arrival so we minimize groups showing up at my house at the same time.

    We are located off 360 in the Lakewood neighborhood in Austin, zip 78750.

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    Default Any live rock corals available?

    Hi, Iím sorry, I am unable to open the document. Do you have any coral or live rock? Thanks

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