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Thread: Multiple frags for sale mainly sps

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    Default Multiple frags for sale mainly sps

    Have these 15 frags to rehome.
    Some are mini colonies!!!

    www blueberry fields minicolony x2: 55 each
    Cornbred bubblegum Digitata x2: 40 each have many.
    JF red hot Montipora setosa 40
    Wwc yellow tip acro 40
    Wwc green austera 20
    Walt Disney x2. 90 each
    Wet Thumb monti spongodes x3. 20 each
    Zoa( will update name lol)x3
    JF Greg Hiller Rainbos stylo : have many small and large frags $5-25
    Wwc purple polyp bird nest: mini colony or will frag: 10- 50 for the whole mini colony

    PM if interested

    Have many more.

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