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Thread: What's your "Join" date?

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    Default What's your "Join" date?

    Mine's Thu, 17th Oct 2002.... can anyone beat that? ;)
    Cell - (210) 508-7908

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    Also, when are you guys going to bring a MACNA to San Antonio?
    Cell - (210) 508-7908

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    Man you couldn't sleep? We do not have enough support or sponsorship to the MAAST website to even think about getting MACNA. Our best chance was when Hobogoto (ace) was president cash flow was great, volunteers were abundant, but MACNA was not interested then either. And after the poor showing at LMAR, that definitely did not help. But as very few remember that was caused by a former president a year before. Dallas was very lucky to get MACNA a few years ago, and I believe it was only because of Melevsreef (Marc Levenson). Houston's market is twice the size plus is close to Galveston. I wish I had the answers on getting MAAST up and going but I will continue to support it and I can thank Gary Powell for that. Right now LMAR the frag swap at the aquarium is the only thing keeping MAAST afloat.

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    153 views with only four post, and those are by two people. MAAST members we do not bite, I feel like the lonely Maytag repairman on here. I chartered up at Felipes Fish store which was on Nacodoaches along time ago.

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    Its always fun to spark discussion... discussion often leads to ideas, and ideas into tumbling rocks down the road. All it takes is the right people, and a dedicated attitude to turn things in a different direction. ;)
    Cell - (210) 508-7908

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    Very true!
    Okay 525 views and only chris and I are posting so lets here from you viewers. And if you cannot post let me know why? Direct number( two one 0 - two nine three - one six six 4 ) my direct line , leave a message with your info/email and I will get back to you. Anything to get people posting and getting MAAST back.

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    Join Date
    San Antonio


    What’s up guys!

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    I am hoping if people start posting again this site will become normal again

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    Hey guys! Is that Chris Pugh?

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    Chris you've got me beat by 8 days. 10-25-2002

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