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Thread: WTB: Various cheap SPS, basically starter pack

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    Default WTB: Various cheap SPS, basically starter pack

    Tank is ready, no SPS yet so pretty much anything is on the menu right now. Looking to pick up a bunch of inexpensive frags, don't care how small they are. Most likely looking to pick up Feb 16-18 and I'll also be heading from SA/Sea World up to Austin/Cabela's area around the same time so pretty easy to make stops along the way. I can pay with cash, crypto, or PayPal.

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    I've got several duplicate in my tank and some smaller ones to get rid of. These are some of the names I can recall:

    Tri Color Valida - Color is off right now but its coloring up and shows great PE
    Fire Coral frag -
    Orange Digi Monti
    I can make a frag of Purple Cat paw
    ORA Mint Pavona
    I also have an unknown frag that is a duplicate and has encrusted well for me. PM if interested

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    Perfect. PM sent.

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    Thanks Justin, nice meeting you. Everything looks great.

    I still need more, anyone else?

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    Still need to add quite a bit more, don't make me order online!

    I think I want frogspawn as well, maybe some unique zoas I'm definitely short on those.

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