"Michael James Was only eight weeks old when he passed away on 8/19/17. I ask that you make a donation to help support the grieving family during this tragic and difficult time. All money raised will go towards funeral expenses as well as other costs associated with the loss of Michael. Losing a child isn't something anyone should have to experience, ever. Please give the Obergas' your love, support, and prayers. Rest In Peace Michael James"

On August 19th, Christopher and Samantha Obergas lost their 8 week old son and I'm sharing the go-fund-me account in hopes that maast as a community may be able to band together to help out one of our sponsors, Unlimited Color Corals.

Chris and Samantha are two of the nicest people I've ever met. They've helped us as a city many times with our events with dozens of donated corals and many raffle items as well as convincing other high end shops to check San Antonio out.

If any of our members are able to help the Obergas' through this tragedy it would mean a lot.