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Thread: I guess you guys are closed.

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    Default I guess you guys are closed.

    I stopped by to find a Barber College instead. Called the number and disconnected. Did you all relocate?
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    Default I guess you guys are closed.

    They made an announcement at the last store meeting and our Facebook regarding closing the storefront and transitioning to an online business with private appointments. Here's a copy of the announcement:

    As many of you know by now, we no longer have "open hours". Our decision to make this change was difficult, but the best thing for our family currently. Just because we don't have regular hours doesn't mean we are gone though!
    We still have all of our coral systems, we have actually added more tanks during this transition. We will begin sales through our website, which will be updated weekly, as well as offering auctions on our Auction page, to come later this Spring.
    Our passion has always been corals, inverts, plants, and other unusual finds. With these new changes these will become our main focus, allowing us to carry more of these items than ever before.
    We can't wait to share everything that we have planned with you over the coming months, including attending many more frag swaps across the nation (so let us know if there's one in your area you would like to see us at!).
    We are currently waiting on tanks to cycle, which is the hardest part of this as you all know! Once they are done cycling will begin fragging from our mother colonies and bringing in new items. After they have time to heal we will do a HUGE website update and launch our auction page.
    We will keep everyone updated on the progress through here and our instagram page in the mean time. We will have a launch date as things get closer. Please message me with any questions or requests in the mean time! And yes we will still offer local pick up.
    Thank you for being with us on the incredible journey over the past 4 years and for being here with us as we venture into new territory and grow our business! We couldn't do this without you and we cherish all the relationships we have developed over the past 4 years!
    Hannah, Matt, Lee, and Adelynn

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