So you have some typical 1/4" RO tubing that you repeatedly need to connect / disconnect, and you're finding regular ole' quick connect fittings aren't up to the job?

This is common on calcium reactors, gfo reactors, carbon reactors, etc. The problem is that the quick connect fittings scratch the tubing every time you connect and disconnect them. Even more, you can't remove the tube from the fitting when it's under pressure. If you do manage to make the disconnection, you may get sprayed in the face with pressurized water.

SOLUTION: Take a look at Buckeye Hydro's new Coupling Assembly! The assembly disconnects with a easy-to-use thumb latch - even when the line is under pressure. Because both side of the assembly are valved - there will be no leaks! Reassembly is easy - you'll hear and feel a definitive "click" when pushing the fittings together.

At Buckeye Hydro we love solving problems - scratch this one off the list!