Hello all!

Here is a list of what fish and coral we got in this week! We got in a nice shipment of Aussie Acan Frags on special, 2 for $70! Also, we just received the new Apex and WAV system from Neptune. We have the WAV starter kit for those of you who have the existing apex, it includes the 1link and two WAV pumps. If you have any questions just let me know! Thanks and have a GREAT DAY!


Sailfin Tang 2
Ignitus Anthias 2
Yasa Hashe Goby 1
Blue Tang sm 2
Emerald Crab s 12
Majestic Angel m 1
Diamond Goby m 2
Foxface m 1
Sailfin Fairy Wrasse: Male 1
Clown Trigger m 1
Niger Trigger s 1
Clown Fairy Wrasse m 1
Tiger Sand Conch lot 12
Koran Angel m 1
Copperband Butterfly m 2
Green Mandarin Goby m 1
Tricolor Fairy Wrasse: Male 1
Clown Tang - SOLD
m 1
Powder Blue Tang m 1
Yellow Eye Tang - SOLD
m 1
Colt Coral m 2
Green Star Polyp m 1
Nano Mixed Acan Lord Pack 6
Flame Angel ml 1
Banner Cardinal m 4
Ocellaris Clown T.R. sm 6
Green Chromis 15
Purple Firefish Goby sm 1
Panther Grouper m 1
Volitan Lionfish sm 1
Lawnmower Blenny m 3
Yellow Coris Wrasse s 1
Elegance Coral: Color Tip m 1
Cleaner Shrimp m 3
Zebra Stripe Turbo Snail lot 50
Chocolate Chip Star m 4
Royal Urchin 3
Sea Hare sm 1