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Thread: Brew Frag Fest - Dec 4 - Houston, TX

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    Default Brew Frag Fest - Dec 4 - Houston, TX

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    On December 4, we holding a frag show at St. Arnolds brewery in Houston, Texas Brew Frag Fest. Entry is free, but you can purchase and all you can drink wrist band or raffle tickets to participate in the raffle. All profits from this event are going to Coral Restoration Foundation to help conservation and reef rebuilding efforts.

    Some of the vendors include: Jason Fox, Two Guys Corals (ReefRaft), Josh Porksandwich, and more.

    We currently have over $6500 in raffle items graciously donated for the fundraiser and we expect that to continue to grow.

    Also there is currently a presale raffle going on for those that purchase the unlimited drink wrist bands early. Anyone that pre-purchases will be entered into win: A Walt Disney frag, RR Orange Passion frag, Tye Dye mushroom, two frag tanks, gold acantho, and a mystery frag pack automatically. The wristbands and be prepurchased at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/brew-fr...78767?aff=eac2
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    I think I'll have to go to this one. Sweet frags, all you can drink beer and people that love to talk about their fish tank. Sounds like a blast.

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    Default Brew Frag Fest - Dec 4 - Houston, TX

    It's going to be a blast for sure. If you are going to drink make sure to pick up a wrist band ahead of time. St. Arnold has limited the number we can sell and there's no cash bar so that's the only way to get a drink.

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    Link doesn't work.
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    Default Brew Frag Fest - Dec 4 - Houston, TX

    Thanks Mike. I fixed it

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    Worked fine for me

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    Um Road trip anyone?

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