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Thread: New Guy, but been here before

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    I am not sure why you come up as a Guest? Same with your wife CD. And the fact you are showing as joining 2009 when you were here much earlier.

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    It may have had to do with the host switch but that'd be a Robert (rrasco) question.
    As for merging this and your old username, I'd have no idea how to do that.

    I could, in theory reset your old password but id need your username, email, and possibly a few other things to verify ownership. Now if it's not a valid account (guest) which again I'm not sure why those are there, I'm not sure how much help Id be.

    Sorry if if that's not the exact answer you're looking for. I handle more of the event planning/ admin stuff and Robert handles all our IT issues.

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    No worries Zack. It really isn't a big deal but thanks just the same.
    I couldn't even remember my username so I seriously doubt I would remember any specific info for the old account.
    I could always create a sig line similar to yours with the old info, not that it matters since it won't come up in a member search anyway.

    Thanks to Alton, it sure has been entertaining rereading some of the old threads after sticking VeeDub into the search bar though. Good times. That is another peculiar thing I noticed though- I can stick VeeDub in the search bar and get results, but not for CD. It just keeps getting more bizarre.

    Anyway, both Wendy and I do look forward to becoming involved with the club again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alton View Post
    If you have the time to go back and tag one of your old post it would be fun to try and remember you.
    I know there were more posts before the wife took over the original CD account, which I cant find in a search, but here you go Alton.
    This was a thread where a lottery was held to go behind the scenes of the SeaWorld coral reef exhibit before the Paletta event in 2005.
    Since only 12 members were allowed on the tour, me being one of them, that may jog some memories for somebody.


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    In reference to the above thread, I also remember my wife being able to go on the behind the scenes tour even though she wasn't chosen. I'm pretty sure she was on the BOD at that time but neither of us can remember what position she held. Maybe Sherri remembers?

    I'm terrible with remembering names in most cases and know there will be a lot of new faces but maybe there will also be some familiar faces if we are able to attend the August meeting.

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    the thread brings back some old names, what is strange a lot of those names are like yours marked as guest?

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    Geez. This brings up memories. The Sea World meeting was one of my first. I came home with some candy canes. They survived many years in my old tank.

    215g FOWLR... and anemones, GSP, gorgonians... carp, that isn't FO!

    "I killed my first SW Fish in 1971..."

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    Hi Bill.

    It's nice to know a few of the old school crew is still around. I'm sure that we've crossed paths before if you were prone to going to the meetings. Seems as if almost all of the people active from that time period disappeared from MAAST sometime in 2009 for some reason.
    Look forward to trying to pick you and alton out of the crowd at one of the upcoming meetings.

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