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Summer time is upon us! With better weather comes exciting new fish that haven’t been available all year long. Take a look at some of the harder to find animals arriving Friday 5/27/2016!

Bimaculatus Anthias: Female – Pseudanthias bimaculatus – $100 each!!!

Borbonius (Blotchy) Anthias – Odontanthias borbonius – ONLY $210 each!!!!!
Maroon Clown: Yellowstripe – Premnas biaculeatus
Ocellaris Clown: T.R. – Amphiprion ocellaris
Percula Clown: True: Select – Amphiprion percula
Green Mandarin Goby – Synchiropus splendens
Yellow Rose (Antenna) Goby – Stonogobiops nematodes
Yellow Watchman – Cryptocentrus cinctus

Dwarf Lion – Dendrochirus zebra – Haven’t seen these for 6 months – $65 each

Black Trigger – Melichthys niger – Hasn’t been available yet this year! $120
Harlequin Tusk – Lienardella fasciata
Australian Frogspawn – Wall – Euphyllia divisa
Super Rose Bubble Tip Anemone – Entacmaea quadricolor
Ultra Maxi-Mini Carpet Anemones
Ricordea Mushrooms
Pistol Shrimp: Tiger – Alpheus sp.
Orange Sponge – Clathria sp.

And so many more awesome fish, inverts, and corals to choose from!
See you at The Studio!