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Thread: New Livestock This Weekend

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    Default New Livestock This Weekend

    New Livestock just arrived!

    Here’s what’s new:
    Coral Beauty Sm/Md
    Pigmy Cherub Angel
    Bicolor Angel Sm/Md
    Lavendar Tang (haw) Md
    TriColor Fairy Wrasse Male Md
    Banggai Cardinal
    Hawkfish Flame
    Heniochus Blk&White Sm
    Pearlscale Butterfly Sm
    T/r Occelaris 1- 1.5″
    Bicolor Blenny (Indo)
    Clown Yellow Goby
    Firefish Goby
    Mandarin Green Goby Lg
    Watchman Yellow Goby Md
    Red Scooter Blenny
    Diamond Goby Md
    Tail Spot Blenny
    Pantherfish Md
    Spotted Sweetlip Md
    Clown Tang (Indo) Sm
    Carpenters Wrasse
    Dragon Wrasse (Indo) Sm
    Six Line Wrasse (Indo)
    Red Coris Wrss Adult (Haw) Md
    Red Coris Wrss Adult (Haw) L
    Foxface Md
    Hawkfish Longnose Md
    Pseudo Chromis Bicolor
    Pseudo Chromis Purple
    Pipefish Banded
    Rose Anemone Sm
    Purp.base Grn Bulb Ane Md
    Blue Leg Hermit Car.
    Tiger Shrimp
    Sand Shifting Starfish
    Banded Serpent Star
    Urchin Long Spine
    Sea Hare Nudibranch Sm/Md
    Astria Snail (Florida)
    Tiger Cucumber
    Bumble Bee Snail
    Vlamingi Tang 6″
    Blue Jaw Trigger (F) 4″
    Pistol Shrimp
    Sweet Lips
    Mocha Clown
    Blue Spotted Puffer

    This and many other great animals are available now! See you at The Studio!
    Elegant Reef - Tropical Fish Studio
    301 W. Nakoma - San Antonio, TX 78216 - 210.308.REEF (7333)
    Website - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Map

    - REEF MAFIA -

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    Ooo, nice you have a tiger cucumber. I"ll have swing by and check it out

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    Tigertail sea cucumbers make excellent detrivores for your sand bed and reproduce readily in reef systems via fragmentation. I went from 1 to 7 in two years and started selling them off to other reefers. I actually prefer the pink and black (edible) cucumbers, adds a pop of color and tends to roam away from the rock bases more than the tigertails. They don't eat as much as the tigertails so I have to keep more of them in the tank.

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