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Thread: LMAR Raffle Prizes

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    Default LMAR Raffle Prizes

    The time has come for us to announce our MAAST Charter Member Raffle prizes! We'd like to thank Aqua SD for donating the gift card for this drawing and to Neptune for the great deal on the Apex Unit!

    Our raffles for our May 1st event are:

    $175 Aqua SD Gift card
    Maxspect Gyre XF-130
    Neptune Apex Junior with Digital Display
    Aqua Illuminations Hydra 26HD

    The raffle schedule and details will be announced soon so please keep an eye out on this page for more details!

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    Nice prizes for some lucky folks!!!

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    Alrighty! Here are the rules for the Charter Member Raffle!

    We will be giving ONE free ticket to each Charter Member, Junior Member, Moderator, or MAAST sponsor in attendance. You will be required to also have your non-expired MAAST charter member card as well as your photo ID in order to get your free ticket. We also will be selling additional tickets with the same restrictions and the prices will be listed below. Tickets will be distributed at the raffle booth INSIDE the swap area. If you are a Charter Member, Junior Member, Moderator, or MAAST sponsor and are vending at the swap, it will be your responsibility to get your tickets at the raffle booth.

    The ticket prices are:

    $5- 1 raffle ticket
    $20- 5 raffle tickets
    $40- 12 raffle tickets
    $50- 18 raffle tickets

    We will be using the following schedule for our drawings:

    1:00 PM $175 Aqua SD Gift Card
    2:00 PM Maxspect Gyre XF-130
    3:00 PM Neptune Apex Jr*
    4:00 PM Hydra 26HD

    We will have four buckets, each labeled with the prize so you can choose which item you would like to try and win. In order to claim your prize, you must again be a Charter Member, Junior Member, Moderator, or MAAST sponsor and you must be present at the time of the drawing in order to win. If you are not present, we will continue pulling numbers until a winner is chosen. Once you claim your prize, we will take a photo of you with your ticket and prize to post to our website.

    *If you win the Apex drawing, Neptune requires us to send a photo of the winner to them to verify the item was given out in accordance to our agreement with them.

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