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Thread: 2nd Annual Food and Toy Drive

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    Default 2nd Annual Food and Toy Drive

    Our 2nd Annual Food and Toy Drive is under way!!

    Bring in your canned food items and new, unopened toys to our store to get your raffle tickets!

    1 canned food item (no glass containers please) = 1 raffle ticket
    1 new, unopened toy = 10 raffle tickets

    All proceeds benefit the San Antonio Food Bank and Blue Santa Toy Drive.

    Prizes Include:

    BRS Complete 2 Part Dosing System

    Reef Roids Prize Pack (Contains the following
    - 2 Nano Reef Roids
    - 1 Reef Primer 180g Coral Dip
    - 1 Reef Primer 45g Coral Dip
    - 1 Polyp Booster Feeding Response Trigger
    - 1 Nano One Calcium Supplement
    - 1 Reef Medic Reef Fish Conditioner

    Coral Cove Frag Pack (5 - $20 Frags of your choice)

    Coral Cove Gift Certificate ($25 Value)

    More Products will be added as I receive them

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    This is going to be awesome! What date is this running until?

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    Awesome idea. I"ll be sure to bring in some of my stuff. Does it have to be in cans? I have some stuff in sealed packs I can donate as well

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