BOD Meeting November 9, 2014 12:27pm

Ben-Scutterborn- President
Eve-Pennies2Cents- Secretary
Sherri- Treasurer
Paul- Paul28
John R. /Jroescher
Dean- Clownfitch
Zach -Nanoreefer
Jason- jcnkt_ellis
Rrasco-Vice President
Tiphanie-Southern Flame

Quarterly Budget

ZacK-NanoReefer: Regarding the vote that was held for the $350 payoff of quarterly events??? When do we begin? Is it the 4th Qtr of 2014 or January 1 2015.
Pending Sherri Treasurer opinion as to when we should begin said budget. She would know the best answer.

Per Treasurer:

Spoke with Sherri, she advised that it would be best to begin using the budget January 2015. She is looking into our current tax exempt status to allow us another raffle for this year. So far we have only had one.

Honorary Member:

All the bod were in favor of giving Minh also known as OrioN an Honorary Membership for his commitment to the club and his generous donation of SPS to the Coral Growth Competition. He traveled from Corpus Christi to San Antonio to make the delivery at our meeting today.

Financial Update:

As of 10/31/14 - financial update on all MAAST monies:
$ 2,239.98 Checking Account
$ 3,592.31 Savings Account
$ 6,869.51 CD Account
$ 715.87 PayPal Account

$13,417.67 GRAND TOTAL

* Includes $1,000 transfer from Savings to Checking Accounts made 10/31/14

End of Meeting -1:00pm. Reg Member meeting to begin.


3 Gift Certificates Used

10 Free Shirts as Promised to members:

Cyndee Roescher
Robert Talamantez
Larry Wheat
Minh Orion
Oscar Solis

Ocotober POTM Winner:

Orion -Minh -Received MAAST shirt as Prize.