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    To those that are at least close to being experts on “True Perc’s” clownfish fry’s….. Need advise this will be my second batch to actually raise in a while they are about 25 dph several have their second strips some only still have their first strip which to me this is very slow development is this normal for True Percs?
    Second question is there is only one that I can tell has absolutely no strips at all is this good or bad?
    Do I need to cull that fry?

    I have heard of naked clownfish just not sure if this would be considered as that…

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Mary, "naked" clownfish are typically ocellaris.

    I would not cull fry based on phenotype or patterns or lack there of.

    A. pecula typically develop slower than ocellaris, but they should all be going through meta around the same time. I had a Picasso pair that the fry would take weeks to get them all through meta.

    Lowering the temp to about 79 helped to get less misbars and more full striped offspring.

    Hope this helps some.

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