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Thread: May 3rd, 2014 -- DFWMAS' Next Wave/ Coral Farmers Conference by Seachem

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    Thumbs up May 3rd, 2014 -- DFWMAS' Next Wave/ Coral Farmers Conference by Seachem

    DFWMAS is proud to announce our Annual Conference presented by SEACHEM, running since 2002. NextWave is a fun & exciting, annual event where you can listen to lectures from the best known speakers in the industry and shop with the best industry vendors in the country. This event runs in conjunction with the Coral Farmers Market. This year is going to be a great NEXTWAVE as we go forward with a bigger & better conference this year that is not to be missed! We welcome hobbyist of all experience levels and their families.

    Come Join The Fun! --- We hope to see you all there!

    Date: All day, Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 -- 7-8am (registration) / Event: 8am – 6pm
    Location: DFW Sheraton -- 4440 West John Carpenter Frwy · Irving, TX 75063
    $89/ Night Hotel Reservations: 1-800-325-3535 – Let them know you are with NextWave!
    Speaker *Meet & Greet*: Friday night at the Hotel Sports Bar – Time TBA
    -- For those staying Friday night at the hotel -- Sit down and shoot the bull before the big event
    Event *Expert & Hobbyist* Speakers include:

    Jake Adams: A professional marine aquarist from Colorado. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Science and he has worked with spawning corals in Puerto Rico. Jake is the founder of the ReefStock conference and the senior editor of ReefBuilders.com He has consulted on the design and installation of large reef tanks, retail stores, research tanks, coral farming systems and when he isn’t speaking to reef clubs or writing for marine aquarium publications, Jake maintains over ten freshwater, marine and reef aquariums of his own.

    Marc Levenson: Known to many online as “melev”, Marc has been in the hobby since 1998. Marc owns and runs two websites: melevsreef.com & reefaddicts.com that are there to help hobbyists everywhere. His site started off as a single page many years ago, then grew to include additional topics of interest such as acrylic work, photography, solutions to pests, information about his reef tanks, lighting, feeding, critter ID and more. Podcasts, videos, product reviews and articles provide answers to many of the questions raised by hobbyists worldwide. Marc has been a fan of MACNA since 2002 and hasn’t missed one since. He was on the BOD for MASNA, and is still on the BOD for DFWMAS since 2004. He was the club president of DFWMAS for three years, working to keep the membership growing and provide interesting content both online and at the monthly meetings. Marc has magazine articles in print, and was a contributing author to “Reefkeeping Basics.” He was editor of Reefkeeping Magazine for 14 months, and travels to speak to clubs across the nation. When he’s not busy with that, he builds custom acrylic wares and sells RO/DI systems via his online store. He’s currently re-setting a 400g reef.

    Kevin Kohen: Kevin earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Wright State University, and is an avid marine life photographer, lifelong aquarist and marine fish enthusiast. He was one of the early pioneers maintaining live corals in captivity back in the early 80s. He began his professional career in the marine fish industry working in a retail fish store, and then moved on to manage the operations of one of the largest freshwater and marine fish wholesale and import/export businesses in the Midwest for over eight years. From there, he ventured on to launch the LiveAquaria.com web site, and designed and oversaw the installation of the Drs. Foster & Smith Aquaculture Coral & Marine Life Facility. He currently oversees the operations of the facility, and is responsible for the acquisition of the animals, as well as their husbandry. Kevin writes articles for various aquarium publications and speaks to reef clubs throughout the country. Kevin has recently successfully paired and spawned, several batches of eggs from the rare McCulloch’s clownfish at the LiveAquaria.com facility in Rhinelander, WI -- this has only ever been successfully accomplished by one other person in the world -- Kevin is the 1st in the U.S.

    Julian Sprung: Julian is an American writer on marine aquarium fishkeeping. He graduated the University of Florida in 1988 where he studied zoology. Sprung has authored articles in aquarium hobby publications such as Freshwater And Marine Aquarium, Seascope, Advanced Aquarist Online, Aquarium Frontiers, Marine and Reef Aquarium USA, Practical Fishkeeping, Tropical Fish Hobbyist and Coral. Sprung is one of the authors of The Reef Aquarium 3-volume book series and is a frequent lecturer at reef aquarium hobby conventions and gatherings. In 1991 Sprung, with fellow marine aquarium enthusiast Daniel Ramirez, co-founded the company Two Little Fishies, Inc., a manufacturer of marine aquarium supplements, media, and accessories.

    Dr Timothy A Hovanec: President of Dr Tim’s Aquatics who, for 17 years, was the Chief Science Officer of Aquaria Inc., (parent company of Marineland Aquarium Products), Aquarium Systems (Instant Ocean) and Perfecto Manufacturing.His past positions include a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer, university research assistant, biologist and manager at an intensive striped bass aquaculture facility and consultant on various aquaculture projects. Dr Hovanec was the President of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council for 5 years and a Board member since 1992. Dr. Hovanec has also served as the Co-chair and Program Chair for Marine Ornamentals.He studied Limnology at Uppsala University in Sweden; graduated from San Diego State University with a BS & MS in Biology; earned his PhD in Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology at the University of CA, Santa Barbara, where he investigated the phylogenetics of nitrifying bacteria in aquaria & Mono Lake, CA. He was the first to demonstrate that bacteria of the phylum Nitrospira were the active nitrite-oxidizing bacteria in aquatic systems such as aquaria. His work on nitrifying bacteria has led to the discovery of many new species of nitrifying bacteria in freshwater & saltwater systems. He was granted several US & foreign patents, with additional patents pending. His groundbreaking research on nitrifying bacteria led to him discovering & developing BioSpira®.He’s conducted much research on topics such as ammonia excretion & toxicity in aquatic organisms, bio-filtration systems design and fish feed formulations. At Marineland, he was in charge of the biology, chemistry and microbial ecology laboratories that comprise Marineland Labs; also responsible for overseeing the quality control of such products as Instant Ocean® sea salt & BioSpira® nitrifying bacteria. Dr Hovanec has authored numerous scientific papers in aquatic microbial ecology and in public aquaria & aquaculture fields; he writes popular articles on tropical fish for several magazines. He was the editor of SeaScope® magazine and is a member of many scientific organizations. He has been an invited speaker and contributing author at several domestic and international conferences. He regularly speaks to pet store owners, distributors & hobbyists on a diverse range of topics, all with the goal of increasing knowledge exchange which can benefit everyone in the hobby.

    2014 NextWave Sponsors include:
    *** SEACHEMwho was also the official event sponsor for 2013 as well as our MACNA event sponsor last year. A huge THANK YOU goes out to them for being so generous. DFWMAS organization is lucky to have their support, so please show them a little appreciation & consider their full line of great products the next time you are shopping for your tank.
    *** Melevs Reef also stepped up this year, showing his support by sponsoring the event staff shirts. The minions looked very professional! Thank you Marc!
    *** Deep Sea Aquatics, DFW’s very own local tank manufacturer, is sponsoring the Nextwave event Raffle Area this year -- so be sure to show them some love too!

    Each year, our generous Vendors/Sponsors donate thousands of dollars worth of goods to the show to be raffled off.

    Come – Join The Fun!

    Follow the NEXTWAVE event updates on FaceBook: Additional updates including vendor spotlight, sponsors, event info/schedule, raffle items, etc., will post on the NextWave Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dfwnextwave

    Coral Farming vendors from California, Florida, Colorado, Utah, Wisconsin, Texas and Maryland will set up coral displays. For the best corals & product selection on the market -- all in one place, REGISTER today @ http://dfwnextwave.com

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    Thumbs up UPDATE: Win an AI Hydra 52!

    Don't miss out on this final giveaway before the event. The Aquaillumination Hydra LED light is one of the premier LED setups available. With a retail price of $499 it's a huge prize just for registering for the show. Online registration ends April 30th!

    There are multiple chances to win. A Vendor Hall only pass will give you a one (1) entry, a full event pass will give you three (3) entries, and if you are staying in the hotel you will get an additional five (5) entries on top of that. So a potential of 8 entries per full registered person staying at the hotel is possible.

    Don't forget, those staying at the hotel will also have 100 free raffle tickets which could win you another Hydra 52 which has been donated to the raffle by Fish2morow. You can see a brief overview of just a few of our raffle prizes from our great donors on our site.

    The contest is open to all attendees, currently registered and newly registered over the age of 18. Pick up of the light must be in person at the show. For any questions, please Contact Us through the website.

    We would like to thank Seachem for being our headline sponsor for the show. Their generosity is what enables us truly make this the best show around. $25 for five speakers, thirty+ vendors, and the thousands of corals available would not be possible with out them.

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    Thumbs up Nextwave is THIS Saturday! -- May 3rd

    Don't miss our biggest event of the year NextWave featuring the Coral Farmers Market brought to you by Seachem!

    The event is this Saturday, May 3rd starting at 8am

    Online registration is open until Wednesday night at midnight for only $25 but will be $35 at the door. Don't delay!

    If you register online, you will be automatically entered into a drawing for an AI Hydra 52 LEd light as a door prize to be given away at the show.

    There will be tons of corals and your favorite dry good vendors on hand along with 5 incredible speakers. Don't miss it!

    You can get all the I formation on speakers, vendors and some of our incredible prizes available in the raffle on http://dfwnextwave.com


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