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    Hey guys we got a small order in today I'm going to put what I can remember.
    3 blue hippo tangs 60 each
    2 kole tang 30 each
    2 naso tang 40 each
    2 yellow tangs 30 each
    1 Achilles tang 180 sold
    1 cross hatch trigger 400 sold
    2 purple starfish the huge one is 60 and med one is 40
    zebra hermits 2.50 each
    feather dusters 10 each
    We still have other fish and coral that was just the new stuff if I remember anything else I will add it to the list Thant you and have a goodnight
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    Raven ! why on earth would you Tease Me and Play with My Emotions Like this ?!!!!

    Really !


    cross hatch trigger ???? Text me a PIC ASAP Puuullllleeeeeaaaazzzzzzz
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    The Achilles tang and the cross hatch trigger are both sold.

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    How much do you sell the Achilles for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrarturocampos View Post
    How much do you sell the Achilles for?
    He was 180

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    here is a picture of the large starfish. I hope I posted it so everyone can open it

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