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    Individual must be a Charter Member or a Sponsor in good standing.

    Meter can be checked out Friday thru Monday, and Tuesday thru Thursday

    Pick up time is 5:30am to 4:30 on Friday or Tuesday

    Drop off time is 5:30 am to 4:30pm Mondays and 5:30am to 4:30pm on Thursdays

    Pick up and drop off will be at 5320 George Cooper Road. (1604 and Judson Road)

    There is a Valero Station on the corner, George Cooper is the first street on the left (if you get to the red light you went too far). Drive into the gate and park under the second canopy call my direct number and I will bring you the meter.

    My Contact info
    Alton Vrana
    alton.vrana@iesci.net (for any questions or to reserve the meter) (No PM’s Please)
    Direct number 210-293-1664 (Best) Leave a message if I do not answer and I will call you back
    Cell 210-667-9687

    When you take the meter your name will be placed here on MAAST along with everyone in order so to keep this thing semi-organized

    If you do not drop it off as scheduled your name will be placed back on MAAST so the next person knows he/she will not be able to pick up as scheduled, plus everyone knows who has it.

    There will be no handing off from Member to Member because it will get lost. If you want to help out another member you are more than welcome, you are still responsible to get it back per the schedule.

    I will take the names in order as you post on this thread, plus email me. Also due to the Holidays the schedule may change and pick up and drop may be adjusted.

    Common sense rules; do not pick it up and then go shopping leaving it in your car where it might get stolen. The Sensor is Water Proof the meter is not!

    Please let’s keep this thing moving.

    The following is what you will be required to sign before you are able to take the meter. And please do not post your personnel info here on MAAST. You can send me your info via email, not PM.

    Date: __________________________________________________ ____________________________
    Name: __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    MAAST Member Name: __________________________________________________ _____________
    Address: __________________________________________________ _________________________
    Cell Phone Number: __________________________________________________ ________________
    Email Address: __________________________________________________ ________________
    I hereby ________________________________ agree that if the meter is stolen, miss-placed, broken, destroyed, and or get water damage that I owe $450 for the PAR meter. I also agree that the meter will be returned by the third day after the date posted above.

    And please thank Dipan when you see him, he made this program possible.
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