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    Default Holy helping hand Batman

    As those of you who have taken the time to start getting to know me, you know I'm barely a month into being a salty dog myself. In this last month there have been 6 people that I feel have gone 100miles out of thier way to help me get started; they are in order of appearance:

    Brian Styre
    An engineer at my office who took the time to explain the basics or marine aquaria to me and turned me here to MAAST.

    Miss Hanna from Coral Cove
    I was hours from going home dumping my tank and saying to heck with this crap....she talked to me on the phone, calmed my frustrations of other LFS's demanding that I spend $X on this or that or I would fail hands down. No real help or info just demands. No listening or caring that I have a weekly budget. She gave me options, alternatives, and advice. Took time away from her +- 1 yr old son (its neat they have a closed off play room/ nap room made up esspecially for him in the shop) to talk to me for at least 30 minutes. Her and her husband will be getting all of my LFS business especially when they are able to carry more dry (relatively speaking) goods. Trust me go see them!!!

    Logan (Squiers007)
    Waited for me at Bass Pro to come pick up his sump and threw in about 7-10lbs of DLR, a kick butt scraper, small bag of salt, and 3/4 of a bucket of coral substrate for $20 more

    Aquasport24 (never got your name)
    I spoke with him on tuesday about picking up his backpack skimmer for $30 on friday when I got paid on friday. Long story short....I got home to wait for wife and take her car to pick it up and lo & behold my in-laws were here from Corpus with surprise tickets to the 3rd and 4th games of the Missions/ Hooks playoff series. My in-laws and I don't see eye to eye anyway and me turing down the offer to go pick up a skimmer would have just caused problems for my 7.5 month pregnant wife. I messaged him and told him to sell it to someone else. I did and still do feel like crap for doing that to him, esspecially after he held it for me for 4 days.......I'm deeply sorry bud, I hope there are no lasting hard feelings.

    Cammed_02 (Robert)
    You sold me your 55 driiled tank and stand to replace my 60 non-drilled tank that was giving me nightmares about 80 gallons of water flowing through my livingroom. You too half payment and let me take the tank home so I could switch over and sell my 60 to someone off Craigslist who never showed. And let me get the rest to you the next day. Thank god for nightmareless nights!!!

    Last but not least......

    Tristan (Tristan23)
    Took your bubble magus skimmer out if your setup weeks before you were ready to take your system down, because you knew I needed it. I had a layer if gunk at least a half inch on top of my sump water. Just so you know within ten seconds. Of dialing in the presure I had neon green crap in the cup. You got off work around 9pm, I was supposed to meet you but I was under my tank in the stand with a cut off back support, using a temperary support (tank was full and running) putting my 20 long sump underneath and accidentaly knocked the temp support down (**** near prematurly released the contents of my intestines and bladder, remember my head and shoulders where inside the stand) and was working fast so my tank diddnt crash on top of me....you went out of your way to bring the skimmer to me at my home. Then said my setup looked good when to me it looks like a big mess at the moment.

    So ill say a hearty Texas "****it fellers thanks fer evrythin I sho do 'preciate it"

    If any of you need help with anything...from moving a system to de-gunking a system all you have to do is ask


    Willard Lynn Black
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    lol at thread title....good meeting you Will. You will come to find that the above actions taken are a pretty normal occurance on this site. Hit me up if you need anything else.

    125 Gallon Reef- Softies and LPS dominated.

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    Default Holy helping hand Batman

    It was nice to meet you and Georgie last night. Yeah there is a bunch of us out there willing to help out. How's the skimmer? Is it pulling all the gunk out?

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    There are some really good people here. It helps to have someone willing to help. Especially when your at your wits end. A lot of times, lfs just want your money and I have a list of places I will never go to again because of the way they act or the quality of there livestock or dry goods. I am going to have to go by coral cove now just because of what you've said. That's why I like Elegant Reef so much. Ive known Louis since he worked at Petland. And all of his advice has been good advice. You can have a nice tank on a budget. And if your patient, you will love the results. Glad things are working out for you. Hopefully you will continue to enjoy this hobby.

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    Ok, no more hard feeling, its all good. Giau (like Yao Minh, just alot shorter)
    Reefing is just like cooking, all the ingredients have to be just right , except you don't have to bring the water to a BOIL...

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    This forum is full of helpful people, some will go completely out of their way to come to the aid of someone in need of help. This is a great community!

    And I agree with what you said about Hannah, her husband, and her brother (Josh) over at Coral Cove. Indeed very sincere people who love to help out with their knowledge. Since they have opened up they have become my favorite LFS. Their water quality and livestock are always well taken care of, even my kids enjoy going to this store.

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    I'm glad to hear things are going well. I hadn't gotten an up date from our last talk.Yep this forum is the bomb. You'll have to come over for a few and talk tanks.

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    Default Re: Holy helping hand Batman

    Ill be glad too bud....I've got everything up and running here's my setup:

    55 gallon drilled with a wier overflow

    800gph hydor koralia powerhead (traded miss Hanna for my marine land 1250..it kept stiring up my sand bed)

    Two t5 54watt HO double bulb fixturesa piece from home depot....I had to buy power cords

    A 32watt plant bulb
    10000k 54 watt bulb
    54watt 420 actiniks x2

    1.5" sand bed (when I switched tanks I decided against my 6" sand bed)

    8# of live rock
    10# of not so dry rock lol
    3# puece of lava rock
    75# of man made rock made by me my wife and kids...dyed turquoise, purple, and natual....my 4 year old daughter's fingernails are still dyed purple...her gloves kept coming off

    20 gal sump with 15 gal of water

    Rio 800gph return pump

    Bubble Magus 3.5 skimmer

    3 damsels selling them to miss hanna when tank is fully cycled

    2 turbo snails
    1 bumbble bee snail
    3 pyramid snails
    1 red/white stripped reef shrimp

    Shaving brush plant
    A haelemedia plant

    A chunk of chaeto
    A chunk of red/green macro alge (can't think of the name)

    I think I've got everything I need....I'm going to put mirors in the cannopy this weekend at all different angles to dustribute light a lot better. Paint the cannopy and stand and put a high powered cpu fan in the hood to pull some heat out. The bulbs have added about 4 of tempurature but I'm still in the green.

    I've had a small alge bloom in the last few days and I have 4 or 5 small red slime spots.....I have unplugged all my lights except the one in the sump area and covered the tank withca blanket till friday (besides feeding times) to stop or at least slow the photosynthesis cycle way way down

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