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Thread: Acrylic Safe Clean Up Crew Suggestions? No Shrimp...

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    Question Acrylic Safe Clean Up Crew Suggestions? No Shrimp...

    Well it seems like my Skeletor Moray and Niger Trigger have developed a taste for shrimp.

    Over the last week I've lost all our skunk and peppermint shrimp. They seem to be leaving the hermits and snails (turbo / nassarius) alone.

    I'll be moving fish / inverts over to my 240 gallon acrylic tank here in about 1 1/2 - 2 months and want to get some cleaners into QT before I move tanks.

    What are some good fish clean up crew members to get? I heard that the Neon Goby could be a good replacement for a skunk shrimp.

    What are some other suggestions fish / inverts that won't scratch acrylic and shouldn't end up as dinner for the Trigger or the Eel??? Also some fish that really clean up and eat Algae would be high on my want list...

    I'm not going get anything more aggressive for the tank btw... the Niger should be the most aggressive fish. Will be adding more tangs (achilles, blue) and a Crosshatch Trigger... everything else will be smaller and peaceful.

    Last thing, looking at doing a mixed reef... so coral safe is good as well

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    I would expect the neon gobies to be eaten pretty quickly. Depending on your other fishes size, a larger cleaner wrasse might work. I have a yellow eyed kole tang in my FOWLR (& some basic corals) and he does a pretty good job eating the algae.
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    Thanks Mike

    Seems like the Niger and Skeletor could care less about fish. There is a smaller clown and YT Damsel (ugh) in there and they are completely left alone. I've seen the Niger be interested in the shrimp before, but just recenetly ate them.

    I'm hoping with a Yellow, Achilles and Blue Tang that they would eat algae... but was curious if there was a more specialized eater.

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