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Thread: 3rd Annual RCA Birthday Bash 07-23-11!

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    Default 3rd Annual RCA Birthday Bash 07-23-11!

    Resized to 73% (was 550 x 712) - Click image to enlarge

    Resized to 73% (was 550 x 712) - Click image to enlarge

    It's that time again for RCA's Annual Birthday Bash! FREE drinks, food, and killer deals. We will be receiving multiple orders of marine fish, inverts, and corals. All livestock will be 30% OFF. During the first hour select livestock will be 50% OFF for our Door Buster Special! Keep an eye out for our 50% off list of livestock days before the sale here on MAAST or Facebook.

    Select drygoods will be heavily discounted as well; select Caribsea sand 50% OFF, Red Sea Pro salt $47.99, Coralife salt $32.99, and the newly stocked Bubble Magus Skimmers at 15% OFF! The Fluval Specs will be bundled with their PC lamps making a great desktop reef system!

    We'll have something for everyone so come out and join us.

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    We will be offering 50% OFF on the following livestock for our Door Buster from 11am to noon!

    Rose Bubble Tip Anemones reg. $89.99 (limit one per family)
    Mystery Wrasses reg. $99.99 (limit one per family)
    Helfrich Firefish reg. $99.99 (limit one per family)
    Peppermint Shrimp reg. $6.99
    Green Emerald Crabs reg. $8.99
    Astrea Snails reg. $1.49
    Mexican Turbo Snails reg. $2.49

    Yellow Labs 1.5" reg. $6.99
    Albino Bristlenose Plecos 1.5" reg. $7.99
    Aul. Ruby Red Peacocks 1.5" reg. $8.99
    Aul. maylandi Sulphur Head Peacocks 1.5" reg. $8.99
    Par. bleekeri 4" reg. $44.99

    We will also be doing a separate special on Ricordea florida mini-packs; 2 rics for $25.99 (regular price $39.99)!

    All Door Busters will be pre-bagged and priced, just grab and go with no wait for bagging.

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