Amazing New Fish Selection
There's some big changes in store for you on our fish pages! We have just updated our fish selection and have exciting new offerings. Look for three new designations on our fish page.

The choice is yours:

Tank-Bred & Tank-Raised
These fish are 100% captive bred and raised

Tiny larvae are collected in the wild and then raised in captivity

These fish are hand-caught without any drugs or chemicals and then conditioned in our systems

Check out our new fish, we have everything from the gorgeous Tank-Bred & Tank-Raised Platium Clowns to Tank-Conditoned Achilles Tangs, lots of great choices for every tank and every budget.

After that perfect Anemone and Clown pair? We've also running a great combo special - you'll get one of our gorgeous Rose BTA's plus YOUR CHOICE of any of our in stock clown pairs!