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Thread: No Chloramine in San Antonio water

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    And just for clarity, I replace my DI once TDS hits 1, I might make a batch or two with that but I try to keep DI on hand when it creeps up. I'm around 8-10 TDS after RO.

    It also doesn't hurt to flush out the lines after the membrane prior to making water. Depending on your kit, you may have a valve to supply RO water for drinking. I sometimes open this and flush the lines into a pitcher so I don't get that water into the DI. I don't do this very often, though I mean to.
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    Default No Chloramine in San Antonio water

    Those are good tips that I will have to apply. I never thought of flushing the system before sending it through the DI when making top off or batch water. I do flush when I replace the filters before sending it through the di though. Thanks for the info, will keep that in mind.


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    Default No Chloramine in San Antonio water

    Yes, Robert. I've been using BRS brand color changing resin.

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    As Russ noted, systems that turn on/off a lot, you get a TDS "leak". The RO/DI should run for long periods of time, otherwise you will be putting high TDS water (for a short period of time) through your DI.

    For this and several reasons, do NOT run your RO/DI directly to your tank/sump with a shutoff. Run it to a storage tank of some kind, and THEN run a topoff to your tank. Periodically, fill up the storage tank.

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    Default No Chloramine in San Antonio water

    Just so u guys know. Legally it is likely that's SAWS would not have to alert anyone when they started using chloramines. They are most likely under no obligation to report it until the yearly report ( if even at that point). So just know any day any time they could switch. Don't want to scare y'all but it's important we are aware.

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