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    MAAST wants to encourage the trading and selling of items among hobbyists in our region and beyond. The Trade & Selling forums allow everyone involved in MAAST to have the opportunity to pass on dry goods, equipments, and unwanted and propagated livestock. The Trade & Selling forums give everyone the opportunity to find great deals and offers. We all are a hobbyists first. Trading and selling equipment and livestock here helps everyone continue their marine aquarium experiences.

    The forums here are to allow members to trade or sell their reef related items. The Trade & Selling forums have different guidelines that need to be followed. They are listed as:

    Charter Member For Sale/Trade:Charter Members can offer For Sale/Trade items to only Charter members, or before offering to all members. Reef related and non-reef related goods. Paying charter membership dues is a benefit in finding deals before others have the chance of buying items posted here.

    For Sale/Trade: Post your livestock or dry good items for sale or trade. Aquarium related items only please. Charter members have access to post and sell/trade aquarium items.

    Wanted To Buy/Trade: If you need a item or you are willing to trade a item you currently have, Charter members will be allowed to post here. Aquarium related items only please.

    Non-Aquarium Related For Sale/Wanted to Buy: Charter members will have access to post non-aquarium related items for sale in this forum. Looking for a non-aquarium item? Post your thread here.

    When posting threads in the Trade & Selling forums, members will be required to state the following information in their threads:

    q Price: Post a price for the item you are selling. Members who are trading or who are posting items wanted to buy do not need to list a price.
    q Location: Post your location in the body of the thread. Members need to post their location in any thread started in the Trade & Selling forums. The location in your signature/profile does not count.
    q Offers/Auctions: Posts linked to auctions such as ‘Ebay’ will be removed. Items linked to 3rd party selling websites such as ‘Craigslist’ will be removed. Members are not discouraged in selling their items on 3rd party websites. Please start a new thread in the appropriate forum here on MAAST if you want to sell/trade items. Do not post in you thread ‘make an offer’. Post a price you have in mind. Negotiations can be made, but keep it to Private Messages or in the thread itself.
    q Shipping: When posting your location, post whether or not shipping is an option. MAAST covers a wide area in Texas. Not everyone is located in the same city. If shipping is not an option, please post if its not.
    q Vendor/Sponsors: Any member who is selling equipment, dry goods, or livestock for a profit, either through a storefront or through the internet, will not be permitted to post these items in the Trade & Selling forums. This is reserved for the best interest of our paid vendors and sponsors. If you are interested in becoming a vendor/sponsor here on MAAST, please contact the BOD. Once sponsorship dues are paid, a vendor/sponsor will have their own forum in the Sponsor’s Forum to post items for sale. Charter members and web members are not discouraged for selling propagated livestock from their own personal tanks. If it is determined that propagated livestock is being sold for profit through a tax issued business, those threads will be deleted and the member will be asked to talk to the BOD about becoming a sponsor.

    Thank you,

    MAAST Board of Directors
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