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    Dues are for a year long membership which starts from the date of payment. These dues quickly pay for themselves by the discounts given that many local stores honor to MAAST members.

    We are trying to make our club better, having more educational meetings, more door prizes, raffle items and guest speakers. We also have the routine maintenance items like website, food for meetings,, membership dues to national marine organizations, and print/publication fee's. Membership dues allow our club to keep afloat and make all of this possible. As always, the website portion of the club remains free but charters due get some perks.

    Why collect dues?
    1. Keep MAAST afloat.
    2. Funds club meetings so the host doesn't have to pay for it all out of pocket.
    3. Allows for website improvements / maintanence.
    4. Allows us to bring in "expert" speakers at meetings.
    5. Higher quality raffles, higher quality meetings, higher quality club!
    6. Eligibility to run for a club office.
    7. Eligibility to serve as a moderator.
    8. Eligibility to VOTE!
    9. Discounts at participating LFS's and online vendors.
    10. A custom avatar on the website.
    11. The privilege of initiating sales/trades.
    12. Eligibility to participate in various contests.
    13. Eligibiilty for door prizes at meetings.
    14. A membership card.
    15. A voice to represent Aquarists' interests.

    For more information concerning membership privileges, please read our By-laws.

    Types of supporting memberships include:

    Charter Membership - $30
    Junior Membership - $15
    Family Membership $50
    Couples Membership $40
    Sponsor Membership $175 (up to half may be paid in gift certificates)
    Honorary Membership

    Payment can be made either at meetings, online via PayPal, or with a check mailed to our P.O. box below:

    If you are already a registered member of this website, the easiest and most convenient method to become a charter member is to use the Paid Subscriptions page.

    If you use PayPal please include your screen name, real name, email, home address and phone and send PayPal to: treasurer@maast.org

    **When making a PayPal payment please enter the following email address in the messages: maastsanantonio@gmail.com

    or via snail mail to:
    P. O. Box 691073
    San Antonio, TX 78245-1073

    Thanks for everyone's help and support with this great organization!

    Zachary Guevara

    Vice President

    Justin Nelson

    Cheryl Taylor

    Sherri Ancira

    Board of Directors

    Mike Zimmerman
    Ada Garza
    Richard Garza