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    From 5 to 10, 15, 20, 55, 135, 65, 75, 29, 200, 158, 300, and finally 180 in home and 65 in office. But what I missed was the size of the 300DD, what I didn’t miss was the 36” depth and the 27” tall and the limit of not being able to reach anything. Dimensions are 96" x 30" x 25" tall. Started on stand and tank will be here on Friday. Stand is made using 18 mm Russian Birch
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    Very nice stand, like the height of it. Wow that is a wide tank at 30", bet its going to be epic. Are you going with magnetic panels for access or making wooden doors? Where are you getting your tank from?

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    Regular wood doors, and I have about $350 in the stand using Russian Birch, glue, screws, hinges, and two gallons of paint since my wife did not like the first color. Planet Aquariums who the tank is coming from wanted about as much for the stand as the tank which was $1,700. I couldn't see paying $1700 for a stand and a five year warranty on the tank.

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    Well sometimes transfers go easy and sometimes they don’t. This was the latter! Tank came in on Friday 2 hours late because of weather delays, lucky for me one of my co-workers was able to meet me at TT to help. We both arrived at home around six safe and sound. On Saturday family showed up at lunch and we moved the stand and tank in on furniture dolly’s ready for the Sunday showdown.
    Well I got started around 11 am on Sunday moving coral, rock and then fish. The last was two leopard wrasse buried deep in the sand. But after 90% was removed I found them and transferred them into a 100 gallon Rubbermaid tub with the rest of the fish and most coral. Started removing the plumbing and forgot I glued everything so I had to run to Saltyfish and grab more bulkheads and some fittings. Got home and with both of my sons I was moving again up until son #2 dropped his half of the sump and it cracked spilling water everywhere. Oh yea did I mention while I was finish draining the 180 into another Rubbermaid tub I got distracted and started flooding our living room? Wife was very understanding and helped clean it up- NOT!
    Anyway fish spent the night in the tub and I moved some rock, coral and new sand into the 310 with a power head and air stone.
    Monday went as planned other than I lost a rubber seal to one of the unions and lost some water when I turned the pump on, but I had a spare so that problem was quickly fixed.
    So 10 hours the first day, 4 the second and I am almost there. I know I am getting old because once I moved a 158 and a 75 and set both up in a day after traveling 100 miles to three locations in the process. My advice, don’t get old!
    I still have one fish in QT along with live rock along with more live rock in a trash can cycling. I believe I will finish by Christmas. Woo Hoo! I will take some pictures tonight and post, and 180 is ready to go to a new home

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    Other than the delay, looks like overall everything went well. I'm so envious of you right now. Be sure to take some pics for those of us who live vicariously through you...lol

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