I have several corals that I can trade or sell. I ordered a lens for camera so will add pictures without it being blued-out if there is any interest. Corals have been dipped, healed from cut and is ready: Keep in mind I'm in the CC area so have to coordinate trade or sale

ECC Montipora Stellata-branching monti, purple flesh with bright green tips $35/each (2)
ECC Unicorn Poop Acan Frag-pinkish rainbow acan micromussa $60/each (has min 2 heads) (2)
Yellow Scroll Frag- purple scrolling coral with neon yellow tips $25/each (2) 1.5" frag approx
Jason Fox Freak Hair Pavona-purplish flesh with golden hairs $45/each (2) 1" frag approx
ECC Pink & Gold Paly-looks like a fairy dust but with very distinctive pink lashes $40/each(2) 2 heads