We have numerous used tanks for sale due to an aquarium store closing and location being cleared out. The tanks range from small display tanks to a 200 gallon acrylic tank, and some bow fronts and a hexagon tank with stand Will take $200 for the 200 Gallon tank, OBO. Most tanks are in the 75 to 125 gallon range.

One tank that seems to have a builtin refrigeration system, possibly a lobster tank? However, I do not know the condition of the refrigeration components. There is also.

The tanks IMG_0682.jpgIMG_0683.jpgIMG_0684.jpgIMG_0685.jpgIMG_0686.jpgare located in Corpus Christi and can be viewed with some notice.

I have attached several pictures of the tanks, but please message me for specific questions.

Thanks for reading