Hey there.
I down graded to a smaller Biocube tank and have no use for my Bowfront any longer.

46g bowfront with stand and canopy
Coralife lights
Cascade 1000 Canister
About 10-15 lbs of live rock.

Minor wear on the stand but overall still a very attracted setup. The glass has a few scratches where some rock scratched rubbed against. Again all minor. Seals are tight and tank does not leak.

**photos show when it was fully up and running, and empty**
Asking $300 OBO for it all FD402BB4-5548-4206-AA4D-7581F53542B2.jpg727B12DA-B29F-4A62-9340-D2829688BAB3.jpg0CDE979D-C94D-4127-93E9-C662FAEBF545.jpg924304B9-9029-47C5-BF0B-6AF18E1C9559.jpgC63DB325-D646-4C1D-8C93-AB706BDF371B.jpg