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    I ordered 4 Medium Potter Leopard Wrasse from LiveAquaria Saturday AM when I got an in-stock notification. On short notice, I have to rearrange my schedule to accommodate these wrasse. Instead of getting 4 medium, I got 2 medium females and two large Terminal males, except one of the male was DOA and the other male, and the two females were in distress (great distressed for the male) on arrival.

    Below are pictures of the wrasse. I was able to get the three living wrasse to into my DT system. Hope the tree living wrasse continue to improve. I have seen wrasse seem to do well then died shortly there after so these wrasse are not out of the wood yet.
    DOA of a Terminal Phase male. I think the water volume was too little.
    Pictures below are not too good. I promise to get better pictures when I have a little more time.

    Just out of the bag

    Terminal Phase male does not look like he have much longer in this world

    I was really surprised to find all three swimming when I got home this PM


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    I am still amazed how fish can look so bad can come back? Hoping they continue to improve! Here is a picture of my Flame I received yesterday thanks to Minh who contacted me early Saturday morning to let me know Live Aquaria had them back in stock, shortly after they sold out.
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