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Thread: ATI 4x24 Dimmable Sunpower, Lifereef nano overflow box w/ silencer

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    Default ATI 4x24 Dimmable Sunpower, Lifereef nano overflow box w/ silencer

    Both were bought new by me, are in like new condition, 1 year old, and come with all original literature and accessories. I've upgraded to a larger tank with an eclipse overflow and don't need these anymore. I bought ATI the light new from Bulk Reef Supply along with the 2x aquablue special and 2x blue plus lamps. The ATI lamps (also 12 months old) still have some life left in them, I never ran either channel above 60% except during the first 50hrs of break in. This is the best aquarium light I've ever owned and much prefer it to the AI primes that I replaced. It is very powerful and so simple to use. I replaced it with a 36" version of the same ATI dimmable sunpower. No regrets, love the T5s. 210-317-0464, text me or email me adam1980@pobox.com if you have questions and need me to email pictures.

    Lifereef Nano overflow box with silencer, siphon tube, 2 x "j-tubes" - $80 ($170 for all pieces new)

    ATI T5 4 x 24 Dimmable Sunpower $300 - ($540 new w/bulbs)
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