Howdy all, I'm back and looking to get back in the swing of things with a new build now that I'm settled here in Corpus. First and foremost, looking to meet, trade and sell corals with nearby neighbors. I'm not opposed to going to SA but trying to find people who love the hobby as much as I do that lives relatively close. Anyways, the tank should arrive in 2 weeks and here are some ideas and equipment I have planned out for it.
-180 gallon rimless reef ready tank
-120 pounds of dry reef rocks (currently bathing in bacteria laced saltwater)
-open scape with painted bare bottom
-6' basic sump with large skimmer rated for 400gal & large refugium filled with pods and marine pure blocks-lighted with Kessil H80
-Utilizing 3x Kessil 700s to light the tank with extensions
-return pump with manifold for connection to future frag tanks and ease of water changes

Please reach out to me if you live in the Corpus area. Like to see if there is a interest here in Corpus and can't wait to get the build going once the tank arrives. I have all the equipment minus the tank, stand and sump. I'll be in need of some chaeto and some frags to get me started. Let's do this!