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    Okay another update, since the move I added rock that I cooked. It looked great when I added it but in time the hair algae was back. I used GFO and Vibrant to control and kill it. Although it slowed the growth of the algae my phosphates where down to .02 and Nitrates to almost nothing my corals lost color, and growth stopped. So I ordered 50lbs of Atlantic liverock from KP Aquatics, it came with more growth than the last time, but I also had a little die off so it took a week to cycle in a QT 29 gallon tank. A couple weeks ago I removed most of the rock and corals from the tank and replaced it with the new rock with having the issue of pulling the coral from the old and placing on the new. I ended up losing a couple pieces which one was the Oregon Tort I bought from Ty which broke my heart. In time I will replace it. No more GFO and no more Vibrant for this tank. The rock started to get some undesirable algae so I added some Scarlet Reef, Hawaiian Zebra crabs, and a baby yellow tang to the cleanup crew since the old Astrea snails would rather clean the glass versus the rock. It has only been a few days but they are starting to make a difference. Saving the best part for last is my corals are growing again and the color is back to normal. My clownfish decided to turn over my largest frogspawn and host under it. My jawfish is still happy although he used one of my loose SPS frags to build up his home. The yellow tang is doing well, he keeps himself busy picking algae off the rocks. I picked up a couple corals from Sierra Bravo this past weekend which are doing fine. His tank looks great, hopefully my coralline algae gets close to his.
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    Checked everything today
    Nitrates - 2
    Phosphates - .08
    KH - 7
    Still having some fun with algae but corals are growing again with great colors

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    Nice, the nitrates are a bit low compared to what some folks mention on other bigger forums. They usually advertise a 4ppm to 10ppm on Nitrates. I'm glad that you're coloring is returning to your corals. I'm sure in time the algae will subside once they consume whatever they are currently feeding on.

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    Okay four months later phosphate up to .16 Nitrates at 40 (I will be doing a very large water change) everybody who knows me, knows my summer has been busy! So it is time to get back into maintenance mode again. Corals are doing great, algae control is getting better. The brains are loving the higher nutrient load, while the Sps are growing very well. I did have to frag the frogspawn on the left of BSJF. And I added a baby Chevron Tang which along with the yellow will end up in my 180 Blueface tank at home.
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