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    Starting over is a hard thing but I learned a lesson the hard way. If there is nothing wrong and everything is perfect, don't try something new. I was adding a product to my 180 to control bubble algae which worked great, when I added the same product to my wife's 65 for some small algae it took care of the algae but it also killed all pods, SPS, and beneficial bacteria. It has taken a while but starting slow with GSP, and then added a piece of birdsnest from my 180. Next month I will add a bunch of corals from Ty. Since I received a box of Tropic Marin salt at Macna from Lou Ekus, I will use it in lieu of Kent for a year and see how it goes.
    The first picture is now, the second picture is from the first year. The Tang was re-homed due to picking on the jawfish, I lost the female JF right after her fourth clutch of eggs. The male held on to the eggs, but I was never able to raise any.
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    Looks good man, was this tank the smaller one in your living room?

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    Yep, placed so my wife could watch her jawfish. They started in a 10, then 20, and finally the 65.

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    Well playing musical aquariums again. Since adding a pool in the back yard I am spending more time with it than my aquariums so I am in the process of giving office tank to friend and wife's house tank going to office. Last weekend I completed the move with the transfer of all fish from one to another and taking the original home for thorough cleaning.
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    The BSJF made a new home for himself/herself
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