Hey everyone, I hope everyone's tanks are well and corals growing strong!

I wanted to touch base with the MAAST and other local communities regarding our swap plans for the remainder of this year.

Planning our LMAR event is a huge undertaking. From getting event sponsors, swag, vendors, raffle/door prizes, and rsvps often times we are beginning work on the second swap of the year before the first is even done. Our swaps are planned by a small handful of volunteers who plan these events outside of our full time jobs, families, and other hobbies.

In addition, to the above, our events continue to get bigger in scale which in turn increases the work to plan these events to maintain the quality our local community has come to expect from an LMAR. Over the past few years our board member capacity has struggled to maintain above 50% so these swaps that are 2-3x as big as our old events are being planned by less than half the team of our old events. This year has been particularly hard for the board with serval changes in our family lives, career paths, and many of us have had a combination of the two.

As such, MAAST will only be hosting one frag swap per year for the foreseeable future. We believe cutting down to one event per year will increase the quality of our shows as it will give the board the ability to focus on the one event each year rather than diverting our time, energy, and resources into two events. We believe this will also build up the local excitement for our event as well as allow us an additional educational meeting per year. We also have heard your feedback and are possibly looking into other venues for our LMAR events. As many of these venues book several months in advance, we believe moving to the one swap system will allow us ample time to scout and book a potential new venue.

While this may not be what you guys had wanted to hear regarding our MAAST LMAR events, we do hope that everyone understands. We hope to see everyone in late spring/ early summer 2018 and in the meantime are doing a small "frags in bags" bbq/ kick back at Mike's place on August 20th as a send off to our fall/winter event. Info can be found on our website maast.org and our Facebook group.