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Thread: Red spot - scrape, disease, ideas!?

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    Default Red spot - scrape, disease, ideas!?

    Ok, never seen this before. This is my large Mata tang. He's currently in qt with a small cleaner wrasse and small green coris wrasse. The qt underwent 2 weeks of copper treatment after they were pulled from my display presumably for velvet. The copper finished about a month ago.
    No ammonia, salinity is 1.022.
    Anyone seen this? Did he just manage to scrape himself? Is this a disease that I can't find? Would really like to treat him if needed.
    It appears to be in about the same spot behind the front fins on both sides. Also seems to involve the front of his left eye.
    Any help is greatly appreciated!
    Larry Wheat
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    Looks like damage to the body?

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    Default Red spot - scrape, disease, ideas!?

    Not sure from what. He's in qt now and there's a couple pieces of rubble...but not sure how he'd have gotten them on both sides like that. Started triple sulfa this am

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    Larry Wheat
    President/Co-founder "A Butterfly's Touch" and "Running4Trisomy"
    90 gallon mixed reef

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    The fact that is bilateral makes me think traumatic injury, although it could be a localized secondary infection that has targeted a specific organ. The red area appears to be hemorrhagic. This appears be be in the area of the cranial kidney or stomach. I have seen GI tract infections in young seahorses that first appear as a reddish area directly below the swim bladder and eventually causes a out pocketing of the swim bladder as the GI tract continues to swell. If there is renal involvement triple sulfa would be contraindicated and I am thinking Furan-2 might be a better choice. Another thought is systemic antibiotics are more effective and if he will take ABS they can be gut loaded with Furan-2. The ABS can also be gut loaded with Ascorbyl Palmitate which the ABS will convert to Vitamin C. Baytril injections would be another option although the stress on the fish could do more harm than good.
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