New shipment arriving tomorrow Friday 1-15-16! Freshwater and Saltwater!
Coral Beauty Angel Sm $29
Flame Angel Med $65
Imperator Angel Juv. Med $89
Orange Anthias Male Med $45
Royal Gramma $25
Bicolor Blenny Male $15
Lawnmower Blenny Small $15
Red Scooter Blenny $21
Long Horned Cowfish Sm $39
Yellow Cubicus Sm $39
Black and White Heniochus $39
Copperband Butterfly Sm. 39 Med. $49
Pakistani Butterfly Sm $45
Pearlscale Butterfly Med $39
Bangai Cardinal $15
Pajama Cardinals $13
Striped Damsel $5
Aiptasia Filefish $39
Diamond Goby Sm$25 Med $29
Engineer Goby sm $15
Railway Sleeper Goby Sm $35
Yellow Target Mandarin Sm. $23
Yellow Rose Antenna Goby $24
Yellow Watchman Goby Sm $17
Panther Grouper Sm $25
Bluestripe Pipefish $39
Dragon Pipefish $29
Foxface Med $55
Metallic Foxface Med $95
Spotted Sweetlips Med $45
Blue Hippo Tang Tiny. $35 Sm. $45 Med$65
Naso Tang Hawaii Sm. $75
Orange Shoulder Tang ML $99
Sailfin Tang Sm $39
Yellow Tang Haw. Med $39
Bluejaw Trigger Male ML $89
Koi Fairy Wrasse Male $45
Melnarus Wrasse Male med $39
Naoko’s Fairy Wrasse Male $79
Red Coris Wrasse Sm $29
Sixline Wrasse Med $19
Starry Eye Possum Wrasse$59
Sunset Fairy Wrasse Male $89
Tricolor Fairy Wrasse Male $39
Bubble Anemone Color Med $49
Bubble Anemone Purple Base $69
Rose Anemone Small $75
Long Tentacle Anemone Colored $49
Long Tentacle Ultra Sm $49
Sebae Anemone Purple Sm $69
Emerald Crabs $6
Flame Scallop $13
Maxima Clam Ultra Grade 5” $230
Cleaner Shrimp ML $29
Fire Shrimp ML $35
Pistol Shrimp Candy Stripe $19
Astrea Snails $1.50
Nassarius Snail Small $1.50 Med $2.50
Zebra Turbo ML $2.50
Orange Linkia M $49
Long Spine Urchin $19
Royal Urchin Color $25
Mystery Rocks $150
Big Zoa Rock 99-199
Springeri Dottyback $39 ML
Orchid Dottyback $39 ML
Widebar gladiator Med $65
Snowflake Clowns $45
Black Photon Clown $49
Picasso Sm Grade B $45
Large Goldflake Maroon $69
Ocellaris Sm $17
Nano $15
Darwins $35
Misbar Perculas $19
Gold Stripe Maroon $25
Sebae Clowns $19
Fiji Pink sm $19
Davinci Clown Extreme Pair $185
White Stripe Maroon Med $25
Midnight Pair $225
Premium Black Snowflake Large Pair $400 ORA

Demasoni Cichlid
Tanganyikan Frontosa
Malawi Peacock Blue
Malawi Peacock Red
Malawi Red Zebra
Malawi Snow White Zebra
Angelfish Gold Marble
Angelfish Marble Veil
Angelfish Platinum
African Frog
Upside Down Cat
Clown Loach
Loach Red Banded Khuli
Boesemani Rainbow
Cherry Barb
Rasbora Black Harlequin
Barb Tiger
Algae Eater Chinese
Cory Salt and Pepper
Cory Panda
Rapheal Striped
Redtail Shark
Snail Mystery Snails Ivory
Snail Mystery Blue
Banana Plant
Cryptocorynes Assorted
Ludwigia Repens Bunched
Red dwarf Lilly Bulb Plant
Rotala Wallich
Amazon Sword
Clown Pleco
Flower Horn
Electric Blue German Ram
Neon Tetra
Red Minor Tetra
Silertip Tetra