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Thread: Faster Shipping, Faster Server, Faster Sale! :)

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    We recently switched our Express Mail service to Fedex Overnight service. This means that no matter where you are in the country, all Express Mail packages will arrive overnight. In nearly all cases it will arrive a few hours earlier. This is a good thing. Rock has switched to Fedex Ground, and Florida UPS has become Florida Fedex shipping. For those of you who need PO box service, we can still do USPS Express Mail, just leave us a note, or a PO Box address and we will automatically switch the service. We will also do this for our customers residing in Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands. Priority Mail service remains unchanged.

    We also switched over to a new private dedicated server, it is much more reliable then our old server had become, so you should have a faster browsing experience with hardly any down time.

    We have also made our discount codes far more efficent to use. Now you can just type in the code "R". just the letter R, it doesn't even matter what case you use. That will save you some time as well. The code is worth 12%, so that will save you some cash. It can be used on anything. Even rock. You may see a obnoxious red lettered paragraph saying you can't use discounts on rock, but try it, it will work. That will show us. This code will be good until Saturday July 13th at 5pm.

    We also will be featuring shorter turn around times, with most orders shipping out the next day, and in some cases the same day for orders placed early in the morning.

    Thanks again!


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    Default Faster Shipping, Faster Server, Faster Sale! :)

    This is awesome John! That's the one thing I always wished for with my RC order was FedEx shipping. I'm gonna be hitting you up pretty soon for some macros. Do you ever have anything interesting that's not listed on RC? I'm going to be setting up a macro display in the near future.
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    Thanks! The last 2 years have been rough for us macroalgae selection wise in the area, but we should have some good days coming up and a few different odds and ends items. They will be on the website though.

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    Noooooo I just bought all that rock from you. Lol. I should have waited. Haha. The rock turned out great by the way. Thanks again John. I'll be getting a cleanup crew from you soon so I'll use the code then.
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