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Thread: Cyano... Maybe?

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    Ive been fighting this for the past month or so, i vacuumed it all out of the sand during my last water change. its about due for another water change and it has all grown back. Is this just cyano? Are there any ways that are better than others to take care of it? Ive used red slime remover by chemiclean before but on a much smaller tank. not sure if i want to treat the 90 gal with this. Then my skimmer will be out for a while until I can get all that crap cycled out of the system. any ideas?

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    Hows your cleanup crew and circulation? are you using RO water? Get some snails and check your water parameters. I'd use a natural approach before chemicals.

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    I'd say my clean up crew is decent, roughly 5 turbos, 30 hermits, a few nassarius and cerith snails and a tiger goby that keeps the sand moving aroun . I have 2 koralia 3's keeping the flow goin. 6 month old Buckeye ro/di unit. I think my next step may be quite a few more nassarius snails or a phosban reactor but i dont know alot about the reactors so ive got a little research to do.

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