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Thread: LED light for a nano

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    Hey Ross do not know if you have seen this


    I did not realize there was such a big difference between the P and S series Also looking the voltage and amperage you are looking at 80w for P and 75 for S series. The biggest difference will be with S you only get white blue and purple colors, with P you get a few more plus they are using better quality LEDs.
    Thanks for getting back with me Alton. I looked at that link and it looks almost exactly the same as the orginial one I posted for the maxspect. Is it basically just better LED's. I'm totally out of the loop with current LED. Cre was just coming out when I bought my unit. Will one of these newer units be way brighter even though its only a few more watts. I think my old unit is 60w and these new ones are 75-80. Seems like a small amount of power increase. Will the brightness be a lot better?

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    Here is a post from RC

    One thing have to remember LED will never look as bright as MH or T5 to the human eye, but it still packs a punch as far as PAR and foot candles. I found this out the hard way when my Marineland LED fried my green birdsnest.

    Yea you got me excited because I did not know about the S series, but after reading I found out it wasn't up to the P standards plus you have to buy a power supply ($86) so the excitement went away. I see your up in Lubbock but Louis at Elegant Reef can get "P" for you. The "S" is not out yet.

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    I'm pretty sure you have the older Maxspect units which are found on this tank:


    The Mazarra didn't come out until the end of last year. I was looking into the Mazarra but there were a lot of complaints so I ended up with AI. The Maxspect unit you currently have is more than enough lighting for the tank that you plan on setting up as seen in the video I sent you. If you are looking into upgrading just to upgrade then AI, Vertex, and Ecotech are definitely great choices. Out of the three Ecotech is the only one currently with RGB, Vertex has the most features and most expensive, and AI is the cheapest and smallest if you plan on using the nano unit. AI will be coming out with a new fixture soon tentatively called "Phoenix" which is like two nano sols combined.
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