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Thread: My Last Aquarium

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    Default My Last Aquarium

    I told my wife this is it, I will never setup another aquarium. This is my last one, I said the same thing of course when I went from my 55 to my 135, then to my 200 then added a 58, 29, then to another 75, then stuck a 158 in there somewhere, sold and bought a DSA Neo Nano. But now I am done, sold the 200 to Erik and now I only have my 29 at work and my new 300 at home.
    300 DD
    Stand Oak Hardwood, back is ¾” Oak Plywood (built by me)
    Canopy is Oak Plywood, trim is Oak Hardwood (built by me)
    Pumps are Panworld 50PXX and 40PX. The 50 runs 24/7 and the 40 only pumps during the day.
    Skimmer is Aqua C Urchin –w- Mag. 3 (I am not a big skimmer fan, I know you have to have a skimmer, I just worry sometimes about over skimming) although, if someone wants to donate a Bubble King I will take it.
    Lighting consist of 3 - 250w MH Coral Vue Elect. Ballast and CV Reeflux 12K Lamps
    1 - 160w VHO Super Actinic lamp and a Work Horse 7 Ballast
    Timer is a RKL Basic that controls Lights and Fans
    Sump is 21” x 60” x 14” Tall. It has a trickle tower, skimmer section, fuge / frag section
    Sand, Live Rock, and rubble is from my 200g
    Corals consist of Frogspawn, Candy Cane, Un-named SPS, Acan, Mushrooms, and GSP.
    Fish Consist of Chevron Tang, Copper Band Butterfly, Flame Angel (My Wife’s), B&W Clown, Mandarin, Orange Spot Goby (I removed the Queen and added two Wesophyllia Corals not shown)
    Tank temperature has been running 75 to 78 degrees thanks to the new controller. All parameters are in check, just waiting for the brown algae bloom that comes with setting up new tanks. I used most of the water from the 200 and added another 150 gallons of fresh saltwater. But I am rinsing and re-rinsing most of the sand due to it being so toxic after ten years of never being moved.
    With this tank like with most it is a project in progress. I hope in time to have it set up as three separate patch reef areas with the far right being next to a wave maker and containing SPS, the middle having Acans, Candy Canes, keeping the candy canes away from the stinging Acans. And last but not least my Frogspawn to the far right way away from the wave maker. And Mushrooms scattered around. I have two Wesophyllia that will stay on the sand. And as far as adding fish I want to add a pair of Pearly Jawfish in the near future. I have one in my 29 and he is great.
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    This is going to be so awesome! Where could you go from here (300g) anyway?!

    Smart move to get your wife a fish. Wish my husband would go for that so I could blame some of this on him (maybe get him a small sailfin and then tell him YOUR fish needs a bigger tank in a few months?)

    Your cabinet is beautiful! Love the doors!

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    Default More

    More Pictures
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    She actually got mad at me when we walked out of Aquatic Warehouse one day because I did not buy that fish, I had to ask what fish? So I ran back in and told Tamer I needed the Flame Angel. If I can just get her to agree to a wave box.

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    Wow Alton, 300g.. This is going to be very exciting to see up and running. I love the stand and canopy. Great Job..

    Keep us posted you doing great with the pics..

    Just a small tank...

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    Default Some more Pictures

    Finally Water
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    i LOVe the idea of viewing windows in the stand to see the filtration. I think I may copy the idea if I ever build one, a "display" sump and fuge
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    The viewing windows and that acrylic work of art under there are really, really impressive, especially in person!

    Where's a pic of the biggest cat in the world?
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    WoW ! Very nice Tank !

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