• MAAST Tank of the Year-Voting is now open

    Well this year we had some amazing winners for the tank of the quarter contests and it's time to crown a winner for tank of the year. It's up to you MAAST members to choose who deserves the title.

    The 4 nominees are:

    Voting is now open, please make your choice above for Tank of the Year

    Each of the contestants will submit 3 photos of their tank, then you the MAAST members will choose tank of the year. Voting will run until Sunday February 28th at noon with the winners being announced at the February meeting at South Seas Aquatics at 2pm.

    Prizes for the winners include:

    Tank of the Year = $150 Gift Card
    2nd= $100 Gift Card
    3rd= $50 Gift Card
    4th= $25 Gift Card
  • Tank Of The Quarter

    2014 Q1 Tank of the Quarter
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    Changing Red Sea Eightline Flasher Wrasse. I got this wrasse 2 weeks ago. She is clearly changing. Below are the pictures of when I got her, today and the fish that I hope that she will become:

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    My P. mccoskeri



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