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Fri, 8th May 2015, 02:59 PM
The MAAST board of directors would like to welcome the staff at the San Antonio Aquarium to our roster of sponsors! Stay tuned for a new format of the sponsor sit and talk coming soon!

Fri, 8th May 2015, 03:11 PM
Thank you guys for your support!

I am sure MAAST and the Aquarium will make a great team in raising the public's awareness of both our hobby as well as the importance of the safe keeping of our marine environment.

Fri, 8th May 2015, 03:21 PM
Awesome! Thank you guys for the support. I really love the Garden Eel exhibit and "fish, scales, and feathers" petting zoo you have!

Fri, 8th May 2015, 03:55 PM
Welcome.... We appreciate your support!

Fri, 8th May 2015, 04:05 PM
I can't wait to have our first meeting there. I've been 3 times with my son and it seems to be better every time we go, not forget he loves feeding the stingrays. Thanks for the support.