Sun, 26th Apr 2009, 11:53 PM

Many of you asked that I post the recipe I used at this past meeting. Well here it is:

Again this is a recipe originally recommended by Borneman, used by Marc Levenson (Melev) and modified further by myself.

All of this food goes into the food processor to get ground into a nice paste. I used a 500 watt black and decker that I bought at Target. Always remember to rinse frozen food into a fish net first as the water that is frozen with the food is EXTREMELY high in phosphate.

Frozen Food:
-1 Package Mini Mysis (H20 Life)
-2 Package Spirulina Brine (H20 Life)
-2 Packages Coral Food Mix
-1/2 Package of PE Mysis (16oz)

The main bulk of the mix consists of a shellfish mix that can be either frozen or fresh. The fresh mix I've found includes mussels, octopus, squid, shrimp, and scallop. The frozen mix needs to contain something similar and can be found at most Asian markets. Try to stay away from the mixes that have fake crab added to them. It should be noted that squid, octopus, and cuttlefish all are very tough meats and tend to blend very unevenly (great for large fish, undesirable for smaller ones).

Dry Food:
-Several sheets of nori algae, soaked in RO/DI water for about 5 mins
-Freeze Dried Cyclopeeze (the frozen is a better choice)

-60 mL drops vitamin supplement (V3, Zoe, Spirulina, Brightwell VitaMarin M)
-30 mL fat supplement (Zoecon, Brightwell Amin Omega)
-30 mL Brightwell Max Amino
-Large Dose of Garlic

Optional Ingredients Include:

-Freeze Dried Algae
-Blanched Broccoli Florets
-12 caplets Beta Glucen (to aid healing fish)
-12 caplets Vitamin D
-Vitamin C
-Different Varieties of your favorite frozen food

**For a full reef food, add a much higher mixture of coral specific foods, ie: Rotifers, Cyclops, Oyster Eggs, etc.